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Being a Monday morning tease

This morning I got up around 9am and went and took a shower in the communal shower we have here in the brothel and after having a laugh with one of my sisters who was also underneath it as well (always nice to share a shower...saves water too you know LOL) I walked back to my room and dropped the towel I had semi around me and started drying myself off. As I did so I took a glance out of my window and to my surprise from the opposite building lQQking at me from a window from a higher floor were a man and woman, I smiled and then slowly dropped the towel that was around me and stood at the window with my breasts pressed up against the glass breathing hard against it causing it to steam up. They both smiled broadly as I did this and so cupping my hands over my breasts I slowly turned my back to them and lQQking over my shoulder I gave them a small saucy smile as I could see that they thought I was going to go away from the window, I then bent over and ran the fingers of my left hand over my rear posterior and pussy prising it apart slightly with two of them and I enjoyed the slight breeze from a adjacent open window flow over my exposed intimate parts. Now I was feeling quite turned on by this and so faced them again and pulling a chair to me lifted one leg up onto it and slipping three fingers inside my now rapidly moistening pussy began in full view of this couple to gently bring myself up to a sexually heightened state, all the time this couple were watching me vividly and I thought that they must know that this building is used as a brothel and that I am one of its whores and I was disappointed as I had that thought they both moved out of the window. I was not to be disappointed for long as within a minute they returned to it but now both naked and the woman bent onto the windows edge with the man behind her and within seconds I could see that he was eagerly going at her from behind, I beamed broadly at this sight and so sitting on the chair with my legs as wide apart as they would go pleasured myself as they had sex and for a full 20 minutes we gave each other the sight we all were enjoying over the street below which was oblivious to the cummin' and going's LOL above it. Eventually I watched as the woman came in a massive orgasm from the lQQk of delight on her face and she was allowed by her sexual partner to stand upright and with him with wrapping a arm round her she blew me a kiss and they both waved goodbye and moved out of view to what I guess was to get dressed again. Somewhat breathless from pleasuring myself I realised as I sat on the chair still with my legs apart I had worked up a sweat and sighing with a rueful smile I got up realising I had to after that tease session go back to the shower and freshen up again LOL.......BUT!!! it was worth it for what caused it.

Out Call

On Friday I got a surprise when my owner called me into her office (just a room with a TV and chair that she watches over us from) LOL and she told me that I was going on a outcall, this surprised me as most of the business done is within the brothel but she told me that she had gotten a request for me to be sent to a customer and that she had already gotten payment for me and that I would be required for the whole night. So I showered and freshened up and put on my bright blue  short cropped top which is a favourite of mine and a matching long skirt and waited downstairs with the other women, we gossiped about who was paying to use me what he maybe like but we all agreed that it must be a man with some money. About a hour later a car drew up and I was told to get in it and I was driven away through the streets that are my home. Being rush hour the journey took a while but I saw as I was driven that the journey was taking me into wealthier parts of the city and eventually we pulled up by a well maintained home and the driver told me I was at the address he was told to deliver me to, I got out and walked up the pathway and knocked on the door and it was opened by a woman who smiled at me and beckoned me inside and closing it behind us she introduced herself as Mandula and led me into the living area where a grey haired man was sitting on a sofa . He greeted me and told me his name was Natesh and he was glad to meet the British woman who was a prostitute that he had been told of, he introduced the woman that had opened the door  as his wife which took me aback and she brought me a glass of wine and sat down beside me and with that we chatted. They told me that they had been greatly surprised to hear of me being prostituted within the slums, Mandula told me that she had been born within them herself and grown up in them and so sympathised with what I had gotten to live with which was a nice thing for her to say. After eating a light meal they suggested we go up to the bedroom and enjoy each other and with that they took me up to it and within its luxurious surroundings undressed me and followed suit themselves. Mandula had a slim but none the less shapely body with wonderfully dark nipples and areolas  (which I openly admit to loving seeing on women) LOL and Natesh was similarly dark skinned and when I looked down and saw his cock hanging between his legs I could not help but smile like a giddy young girl as I saw how big it was. He then laid back on the bed and beckoned me onto it too and I lowered my head near to his cock and let him guide my face to it and slip it into my mouth where upon I closed my lips around it and immediately felt it harden within it. Slowly sucking upon it I let him govern the pace of how quickly my head moved and to my surprise and pleasure I felt Mandula bury her face into my pussy and begin to lick away at it, this did not harm my arousal level one bit LOL and soon I was being made to suck furiously from his cock whilst his wife licked between my legs. I soon had him shooting his seed into my mouth and swallowing heartily I gulped down what he delivered into it. We all rested for a few minutes before he rolled me over onto my back and forcing my legs apart my moistened pussy was filled by his still fully erect cock and with Mandula watching from the side of the bed he began to thrust his cock in and out of my pussy, being so aroused I could not help but moan and groan at the physical attention he was lavishing on me and with my breast bouncing up and down I was given a thorough fucking that lasted a full hour before he retrieved his cock from within me. He got off the bed and went into the en-suit bathroom and with us two girls alone Mandula climbed on top of me as I laid on my back catching my breath from the fucking , she gently caressed my breasts with her tongue before moving up to my neck and then lips where we kissed passionately  and letting my own hands find their way to her own breasts I squeezed them  gently as she held me tightly, smelling her sweet fragrance was intoxicating and I did not notice her husband come back in until he climbed atop of her and began to ride her from behind. As he fucked her Mandula passionately kept her eyes on my own and I could see the pleasure as her husband penetrated deeply and holding her tight I watched him take his wife with great glee over me. After making her cum we relaxed on the bed before going into the shower and sharing cool shower together (it was a tight fit but one that made it feel all the more intimate) LOL and washed each other down before towelling ourselves dry. Mandula asked me if there was a certain way her husband could use me and when I asked if he could treat and fuck me really roughly she smiled and said he could do that easily, within seconds he had grabbed my hair and dragged me into the bedroom twisting me round over a small chest of drawers and began to spank me hard with his free hand calling me a white whore, I got great thrills by this and moaned as he beat me and he held my head down on the top hard as he manoeuvred himself behind myself and without warning thrust his cock into my pussy and began fucking away at me. As he did so he told me I deserved being a prostitute here in Mumbai and probably was asking to end up where I had fallen into, he then yanked his cock out and flung me onto the bed and fell upon me  with all his body weight and with Mandula holding me down he fucked my brains out for a full hour leaving me at the end a exhausted bitch LOL. After that we had a bit to drink before I got into Madula's muff as she laid back beside her husband as he fingered my pussy. It was late into the night that we fucked and sucked before we realised all were satisfied and we drifted off to sleep in the early hours of the morning. I awoke alone in bed with daylight streaming through the window and hearing them downstairs I got up and (naked) went downstairs and greeted them with a smile, embracing me Mandula made me coffee and a light breakfast which I realised being hungry from the previous nights exertions I wanted and ate with delight. They both thanked me for a wonderful nights sexual diversion and Mandula gave me a envelope containing money saying it was a extra thank you for me to have. After showering I dressed and soon was being driven back to the brothel in the knowledge that they would be calling on my services in the future, mission accomplished I thought with a smile as the money nestled within my cleavage and a sat back and relaxed as the ride back in the car happened.

Breast play

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Hot work

Over the past week or so the temperatures here in India have been soaring and in Mumbai it has been no different. It was one of the things that was hard to adjust to when I was first put to work as a prostitute here among the slums as I had been used to the life among air conditioned rooms, but being cast into the slums I learnt that air conditioned environments were a luxury that were not available where I had been put among. I remember the initial months of being prostituted where I would upon having concluded the sexual service to the customer be drenched in sweat after the exertions of sex inside the cubicles and would be so grateful to stand underneath the single communal shower we have in the brothel and just let the cold water wash the sweat from me.  The other women here that are prostituted here saw that I was having trouble adjusting to the conditions as I was a western woman and were so helpful in showing me simple ways to counter becoming overheated in such conditions, when giving sex in the hot conditions within the brothel becoming sweat laden was not avoidable but they were able to show me ways to remain 'cool' LOL when offering myself outside the brothel to potential customers and also staying cooler when inside it when not engaged in sexual activities. I will admit though the men do love to see me sweating when either on top  or under them naked as they fuck me so I do try to give them that physical show and in these hot temperatures it is not hard to be successful in doing so LOL. Although nowadays I am adjusted to the Mumbai heat I do appreciate when the rains and storms occur....I have always been what my mother described me as 'a storm child' and love when storms occur and here in Mumbai they can be HUUUUUGE!!! LOL and I love watching them happen. I find giving sex to a customer inside the cramped, darkened cubicle whilst one is happening extremely enjoyable whilst I am fucked the sounds of thunder and the sight of lightning coming through the small window that the cubicle has. I am looking forward for some to happen later this week so whatever customer is lucky enough to have me naked on my back when one is going on will get a good fuck from me LOL

Me white him this a problem?

I have been asked by a few of my EP friends how I view being used by Indian men here at the I find the fact that I am racially different to them? well if I am honest I find the fact that I am white skinned and they are of native darker skin pigmentation a turn on and when I watch laying on my back with my legs held apart with a dark skinned cock sliding into my fair skinned pussy I do get aroused which does help the sex be less of a chore. I know turning the issue 180 degrees and seeing it from the Indian side I know they find it a real thrill/turn on or whatever they wish to call it to be able to take a white skinned woman especially the poor men that frequent the brothel I belong to as they would never have gotten the chance to have white flesh in any other case. So no I don't see this as a problem in my sexually interacting with the racially different males here I think the variation of my fair white skin being up close with a dark skinned male is both good and personally enjoyable to me ....although LOL I have no choice in the matter but to enjoy the constant interracial sexual interaction I get every day. 

Hot Sex

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A slow afternoon

Today (Monday 8th of April) has been slow so far here within the slums of Mumbai, I upon concluding my housework duties at the brothel which all the women here have to do daily before it opens in the afternoon I chose to sit outside on the doorstep with Ayah. She is a sister of mine who has been working here for 2 years ever since her husband made her prostitute herself and unlike myself who is bonded to this brothel as its property she goes home at the end of the day, although this happens I don't see much difference in us as although she is not owned by the brothel owner like I am she is still a woman who has been forced to become a prostitute but has just been forced by a different exploiter in her husband. We laugh as life passes by in the street as we both know there is nothing we can do about our lives as prostitutes and so don't dwell on things we cannot change, she explained that she has to do this as her husband would cast her out if she refused and she would be more destitute than she is in being a prostitute. Several men slow and cast a glance at us both sitting on the step and one comes up and asks me how much for a 15 minute blowjob and upon telling him he nods and lifts me up off the step and guides me inside the brothel. After paying my owner 25 rupees I lead him up the staircase onto the floor where the cubicles are and we get in one that is free, drawing the curtain across for privacy I unclip the front of the traditional Indian style cropped top I am wearing allowing my breast to fall out of it and discarding it to the side of the mattress we are both kneeling on I let him play with them for a short bit before he removes his lower clothes. Playing with my breasts has got him erect which was the reason I took off my top as I was shown by one of my sisters that doing so help quicken up them getting hard and so made things easier, so facing him as he squatted before me with his cock pointing up at me I bend down and as he holds my hair he pulls me to it and I open my mouth to accept his manhood. Tightly wrapping my lips round it I move back and forth on it as the sounds of my sisters crying out quietly permeate  the darkened privacy of our cubicle as they go through their own sexual servicing's, he moans as I suck harder upon his firm rod of flesh and his grip upon my head tightens and I know he is soon coming to shoot his bolt and so I rapidly up the sucking motion and soon he cries out in satisfaction as he cums. My mouth is soon filled with his ejaculated seed and I try to swallow and let it seep down my throat and into my stomach, he retrieves his cock now slowly becoming flaccid again and as I gulp down the remnants of the cum he has left in my mouth he get dressed with a satisfied grin on his face. I give him a lopsided grin back as I slip back on my top and do up a couple of the hook and eye clips and with a thank you and a quick squeeze of my left breast he leaves me alone in the cubicle with the sounds of sex in the air. I return a few minutes later to Ayah who is still sitting on the step and she asks 'was it okay' and I smile and rub my exposed tummy and she laughs and says 'he left a gift in you then' and I nod and reply 'a big gift' feeling his cum swilling about in my stomach. I am soon back in a cubicle naked on all fours as a 68 year old regular has paid 75 rupees to fuck me and with his cock in me and him bent over my back holding my breasts that are hanging down above the mattress I gasp as he as vigorously as he can for his age pumps away at me, I clamp tightly on his cock with the lips of my pussy and he grunts away above me with the physical exertion of fucking me and soon he cums and flops down on top of me breathing heavily from his tirering use of me where we remain in that position for a few minutes before he climbs off me and concludes the use of me and dresses and leaves without a word. I go and shower quickly before collecting my top and skirt and slipping them back on and seeing that it is slow I retire to my room to log on to EP and see what is happening outside the limited life I have within the slums of the city I am part of.

The taking of two virgins

A few days ago one week day evening my owner called me in and told me that two young men had paid her for a hours use of me and when I looked into the corridor I could see that they were indeed two very young men, greeting them I lead them up the stairway to the cubicles and into one that was free. Drawing the curtain across I smiled and asked if they were sure they wanted their first sexual experience to be with me and not with a girl their own age, I was told by one of them that they had been saving up to have the chance with me and so with that confirmation I slowly in front of them unfastened the front of the cropped top I was wearing to reveal my breasts to them which they were soon grinning like the proverbial cat that had gotten the cream. That reaction made me smile too and I then helped them both undress and once done I slipped off my skirt letting it drop onto the mattress revealing my pussy to them, they just stared at my nakedness for a long time before I asked which one of them wanted first go with me and with that query one came up to me and said he would and so taking hold of his cock I massaged it and soon he was erect and so slipping his dark skinned cock into my mouth I sucked upon it for a few minutes taking it quite deep into my mouth before bringing it out and slipping on the condom they had brought with them. He then seemed to become confident and pushed me onto my back and pushing apart my legs he dropped his slim frame atop of me and guided his cock between the lips of my pussy, wrapping my arms around him I encouraged him as he began to push deeper inside me and soon he was happily banging away at me. I tried to slow him down so that the experience lasted for him and he did so and so rolling him over onto his back I squatted on him with his cock in me and began to ride him  as he gripped both of my breasts with his hands and some 10 minutes later he finally came and laid back with a satisfied smile on his face. Getting off him I turned to the other boy and smiled as I saw that he was already hard and erect and so kneeling in front of him I opened my mouth and took in his cock and began to suck it with him grabbing my head with both hands and controlling the movement of it, after a few minutes of doing so he retrieved his cock and got me on all fours after slipping on his own condom and with me facing the relaxing other boy he took me from behind doggy-style. With the sounds of my sisters being fucked in adjoining cubicles hanging in the air he banged away hard at me for over ten minutes and the other boy grabbed my hair and pulled my head down between his legs and he pushed his cock into my mouth and I was soon being fucked in my pussy and face at the same time. I soon had a dose of cum being shot into my mouth and grabbing my throat after he had pulled his cock out of my mouth he massaged my throat making me swallow his cum into my belly, shortly afterwards the boy fucking me from behind came and flopped on top of me as I laid flat on my stomach on the mattress and he recovered his breath on me before a few minutes later getting off me. Sitting between them I asked if they had been happy with using me and they laughed and said they had been looking forward to being able to fuck the white woman they had heard was being sold in this brothel and that it had been great, seeing the smiles on their faces I could see that they had enjoyed using me. With 15 minutes of their hour left I asked if there was anything else they wanted to do and one of them said he wanted to shoot a load of his cum over my breasts and so laying back on the mattress he knelt across my stomach and wanked away at his cock and soon shot a load of sticky cum over my breasts and watching this be done the other boys did the same and by the hours end I had a thick covering of their farewell gifts over my breasts. I just laid there with it covering them and with my legs apart so my pussy was in view for them both as they got dressed and said their goodbyes leaving me alone. I showered a few minutes later in the communal shower with a smile on my face still with the looks of pleasure from the faces of the two boys in my memory, it was one of my best sessions as I thought I had given these two very young men the experience they had sought in coming to our brothel.

On my back with spead legs and at peace with doing so

Some of my friends on EP have asked how can I allow this to happen to myself? and although being forced to be a prostitute is wrong for any woman to have to endure in real life it is happening all around the world whether it be in the western world such as my homeland of the UK and I have no doubt it is happening even there, it occurs very easily in the south east asia area and as with me it is a prevalent occurance here in the sub continent. It has happened for many centuries with women being exploited for sexual profit and just because we lived supposedly in the enlightened times of the 21st century where this sort of thing should be a thing of the past in reality whilst there are women then there will be people who will take advantage and put into sexual slavery vunurable women who cannot fight their owners in turning them into prostitutes.

Here in India if society here does not publicly acknowledge that women are sold as sex slaves it undeniably knows it happens and although the authorities do try to help and rescue such women as myself from brothels the scale of it is so big it does not make a iota of difference in the scheme of things. The people that run the slum sex trade here in Mumbai are organised and skilled at aquirering and using women as I found out personally after being sold into it by my ex-Indian boyfriend, even though I thought being a British woman and white skinned I would be 'rescued' quickly from the destitute alleyways that I had been dumped in....I was wrong, dead wrong in thinking this. My ethnicity meant nothing as I was just simply another female sold into the pool of sexual exploitation that is the sex trade and I soon disappeared among the hidden malestrom of prostitution here becoming just another of the hundreds of anonymous women used for sex by the male denziens of the slums that have been my home these past 5 or so years.

I did not ever envisage becoming a slave especially in another country but life has dealt me this hand and in choosing to survive instead of possibly dying at the hands of the people that I am owned by in some violent way I am at peace with the simple fact that I am a sex slave here and will be possibly for decades to come being sold to men on a daily go to satiosfy their sexual needs and desire for a few rupees. Yes I don't have my physical freedom as I am the property of a 62 year old Indian woman but I am free in mind and spirit, yes I am a prostitute who has her body cheaply sold day in and day out, I have very few rupees to my name but here in the slums that is neither right or wrong but a natural fact for all people living in this area and I am not ashamed in being very poor and destitute as having had a comfortable middle classed life in the past I have reconciled with what I have become now among these slums.

I am a sex slave, a woman who is exploited, a prostitute in a forign country but I am also Jenny who is not ashamed to have fallen into this life and have faith that with the support of my sisters here I move from day to day happy and at peace with the fact that I am what I am here.


Into a new year

So 2013 has come into being around the world and also into my little bit of it here among the slums here in Mumbai. I enter my 6th year in sexual bondage but with a positive attitude towards my life as a very cheap price whore here as I find some equinamity in being one , what will occur here for me? who knows but  I find I none the less am looking forward as my owners property to continueing as what I have been for these 5 years as life as a sex slave does not have the complications of free life and I have realised on many occassions that I don't miss those 'complications' as much as I thought I would.

So I wish everyone who reads this blog entry a happy new year and whatever life you have may it be positive in ways that you wish it to be.

Busy day

Well today (Sunday 4th Nov) there is a local religious festival going on and at the end in the evening the men celebrate by visiting the brothels in the area so knowing what past events have meant I know I am along with the other girls in our brothel going to be kept busy all evening long into the early hours of the following morning keeping the many customers happy. We get to celebrate it too by having a big meal together in the afternoon which is a joyful occassion for all who attend it.

Will let you know how the nights fun goes LOL.

Helping a young girl walk a different path

Today I sat down with a girl no older than 14 or 15 outside the brothel; and discussed life within it as she told me she was thinking about entering the life, I was shocked to hear this and sat her down and asked if she went to school and she said yes but told me that her brother was pressing her to do so to earn the family money. I asked her if he was bringing in money for the family and she said no and that he was lazy, I asked if her parents wanted this of her and she admitted that they did not know of the conversations between her brother and I told her that she should talk to her mother as she would understand and be able to give guidance on this serious subject and I went on to explain how life was here in the slums for me.

She seem to take it all in studiously and was shocked to find out that I had had no choice in the matter in becoming a prostitute here and was trapped here until I had cleared the debt I had with the Madam of the brothel, she was genuinely sad for my predicament but I steered the focus back to her thinking about entering life here and I told her it was a hard, harsh life here where women were treated with disrespect and had no real human rights as prostitutes. She asked me what other options she had and I tried to point out that if her parents had not brough this subject up then they did not want this to happen to her and probably wanted her to finish school and do something much more positive and rewarding for herself in her life.

She at the end of the conversation seemed to have realised that her brother was wrong to have suggested this for her and promised to talk to her mother (alone at my suggestion). I gave her a hug and she left to go home whilst I felt a warm glow within myself to having possibly stopped a girl doing the wrong thing.

Life here can have the odd I mean great day when things like this occur.


Well today a customer asked to spend a hour spanking me in the cubicle this afternoon and my Mistress/Owner was happy to oblige him as she was able to charge a bit extra for this service and so on all fours I took a beating on my rear by him. The other girls in the brothel were amused as the cries from me rang out as he firmly and determinedly took to hitting my rump hard with his hands, fortunately it was the buttocks only as I have heard stories from other nearby brothels of owners allowing their girls to be hit in other places. The customer took great pleasure in seeing to it that my bum became very reddened and by the end I could not sit down LOL so at the conclusion I took myself to the shower we have here and with it on cool (very cool in fact LOL) I just let it spray my ass until the throbbing died down.

The rest of the afternoon was a bit uncomfortable with the following customers who f****d me after that as being banged on my back meant my ass got some more pounding from the not so soft mattress that we have in the cubicles here, but I survived LOL and got through the 8 men that used me after the spanking.....all I need to do now is get through the night session and hope it does not go too far into the early hours LOL enabling me to recouperate from the beating earlier this afternoon.

My mood: pretty sore

Start of new week with a new tattoo in place on my body.

Well here comes a new week of being put on my back or on all fours and f****d, sucking cock or giving tit wanks which are very popular here at the brothel, guess I give them good LOL and having had a few days off I am full of energy and ready to have my legs parted many times in the day. I wonder what the customers will think when they see the simple tattoo that has been put on the front between my legs above my pussy, will they be amused?, like or dislike it? I guess I will find out as the day goes on but it is there and there to stay LOL. I found that even though I get continuous f*****gs I have actually put on a few pounds over the last few weeks but I was told by Noor who also works here that Indian men do not mind the sightly plumper woman so won't bat a eyelid in seeing me a bit rounded out LOL....I put it down to Noor (sister prostitute) cooking some delicous meals here lately. We will see LOL.


What is on the outside can be very different on the inside of a customer.

Well this afternoon I was on my back with legs parted being f****d  by the Indian version of Arnold Swartzenegger and although feeling those huge muscles embrace my body was lovely I'm afraid his c**k was a bit undervalued  as I was surprised hen he srtipped to see not much between his legs. But as a prostitute here I am duty bound to make him comfortable in the cubicle and so make a bit of a deal about his body and soon he has me in a tight embrace with me squatting across him,  it takes me a few seconds to realise that he has become erect and has penetrated me and so I squeeze down on what has gone in me and bouncing me up and down on his lap I make a deal of how good he is doing me  and some fifteen minutes later he cums and the session comes to a halt...he thanks me and leaves me happy and I am left now alone very underwhelmed by the whole experience. Muscles great, c**k not so great so I guess what you see on the outside is not neccesarily what advertises what is in the inside  but being so the session in the cubicle  was short (no pun meant) and sweet.


On show

Today in the afternoon session here at the brothel I was put on show by my Mistress/Owner, she had me strip naked (not a hard job to do I grant you as all I had on was a long skirt and cropped top). In the viewing room that we sit in and can be viewed by the passing public through the caged windows I was unceremoniously put onto my hands and knees by Gopan who is a relative of the woman that owns me and he f****d me furiously in this room. He held me down very tightly by the back of my neck as he thrusted away at me and I found myself loosing control in his hands and reacting to his attention upon me. There were at least 5 or 6 men peering through the caged window laughing and shouting encouragement as Gopan pounded me from behind and I could not help but vocalise my feelings at that very moment which was in the guise of moans,groans and grunts, this reaction by me just seem to spur him on and I was banged even harder by him and when he came in me it was a explosion of relief by the sound of his cry of delight. Retrieving his cock he pulled me upright on my knees and forced it into my mouth and I recieved his 'gift' and swallowing it I was released from his grasp and he left the room to the cheers of the watching audience leaving me alone to the words coming from the men watching....'good work whore', 'you got what you deserved woman', 'this is where you white women should be'. Its nothing I have not heard before or hear regulary so collecting my clothes I got up and left the room and seeing my Mistress I asked her why that had happened 'oh Gopan had had done something for me that needed rewarding and you were that reward' she explained adding 'and girl it does not harm business to show the local customers what that they can get here so a free showing of one of my girls being f****d every so often helps'. With that I was told to clean up for the coming customers.

She was correct as I got used 10 times in the afternoon session and all were full sex sessions which pleased my Mistress. It was a unexpected beginning to the week but admittedly I did get aroused by being taken in front of those watching men so I guess fun for all around then?.

Gang banged

Well it is 4.30pm on Saturday afternoon and I am in my room sipping my tea trying to remove the taste of cum from it although it is harder to get rid of the taste from the stuff I had to swallow, every time I burp it inevitably brings up a bit of the taste LOL and I can't eat to dampen the sitting cum within my stomach as I have found I vomit quite easily if I do so. A hour ago I was in one of the cubicles on all fours being used by 4 guys in their late 20s and I got used hard. It is always the case when here when you get a group of guys come in and want to share a woman and I have found personally when in this situation such as a hour ago that the use is hard and rough. I have asked this question to the gharwalis (Madam/Owner of the brothel) why this is and her reply was probably because I was white and British and thay have a perception that all white western women like it that way or percieve that it is the way with white western women to treat them in such a manner and thinks it is not down to my simply being a prostitute. Either way I found myself on all fours with one in my pussy from behind and another forcing his cock (alright I admit erect it was quite impressive LOL) but being grabbed by the hair and yanked to suck on it was as in most cases the most enjoyable exprience. I guess I should be grateful that they used condoms when f*****g me as the older customers feel such things hinder the pleasure of having sex with prostitutes here but the younger generation do seem enlightened to protection and do take notice of the large painted image on the entrance hallway wall of a condom over a penis LOL. I was only taken pussywise by them as some do like to do us anally but even so they none the less left me sore by the conclusion of the sex so a bath is in need of after evening meal just before I get put to work on the evening/night session. My gharwalis does like groups as she can charge a bit extra but even though she was a prostitute here in these same slums when she was much younger she I guess has forgotten how hard and roughly we women get used by such groups when made to service them.

Well it's a hour later now and evening meal is about to be served and I need to wolf it down LOL now my stomach has settled and take a hot bath to ease the soreness because Saturday evenings are the busiest nights of the week with customers having been paid and happy to use the local prostitutes among the slums here.


Life among the slums

Well got up this morning feeling a bit better about myself having found this website last night and becoming a member. The use of a computer is one of the very few freedoms I have here as long as I don't do anything to 'rock the boat' so here's hoping I don't and get my Mistress crazy in anyway. One thing in the 5 years in this brothel here in the slums of Mumbai that I have not fully adjusted to is the heat.....this building has no air-con  and when you have a guy on top of you fucking away you get sweaty and hot damn quickly, guess I should be grateful that the small cubicles that we girls here have to service the customers in do have little windows that we can open to let in some air....even it is hot due to the temperatures we have here.

So having finished the reasonably sedate afternoon stint (if you can call being fucked by 9 men in the space of 5 hours sedate) I have freshened up and retired to my room here on the top floor of the brothel and with the noises of the bustling goings on in the street below coming in through the window and the rumble of thunder in the distance across the city I have sat down with the one daily thing I do (apart from getting fucked that is )  and that is have a wondreful revitalising cup of tea....yes being British I have kept this tradition of my homeland going here as it tethers me to reality a bit by doing so. There is a few hours of rest before the evening/night session begins which with is the busiest time of the day and longest as sometimes I don't see to the last customer until gone 3am the next morning. I fear if she could have it the gharwalis who owns and runs the brothel I have been put in would have me working 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year but fortunately it is only usually between 12 and 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year so I guess I should be thankful for small mercy's from her on that.

Well I will try to keep a regular blog on my trials and tribulations here as I feel expresing my feeling, thoughts, desires and general rants will help me so for the time being I will just say Al Vida (goodbye) and thank you for reading this.


Life among the slums

I have just joined this site hoping that the plight I am in here in Mumbai may ring true with others who are in my position. It is a link to the outside world for me being stuck in a slum brothel in the depths of Mumbai  which compared to the life I had back in the UK is hard, harsh and tough. I went from being a employed working woman in Mumbai to a unemployed one after loosing my job there and rapidly finding myself through the so called Indian boyfriend put into prostitution and quickly being sold by him into the slum brothel that has been my home for the last 5 years and turning me into a poor destitute caged prostitute having to turn tricks for the low sum of 100 Rupees a session...that is just $2.00 for a 15 minute sex session, that is how cheap sex is here in the slums. I was told that I would not be able to escape it having been sold into it but I didn't believe them at first but after several unsuccessful attempts of escape I came to realise they had been telling the truth and my life was to be a poor, cheap priced whore here, it has been for 5 years and I guess will be for many years to come until I pay off the debt I owe for the price paid for me by the brothel owner.


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