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So 2013 has come into being around the world and also into my little bit of it here among the slums here in Mumbai. I enter my 6th year in sexual bondage but with a positive attitude towards my life as a very cheap price whore here as I find some equinamity in being one , what will occur here for me? who knows but  I find I none the less am looking forward as my owners property to continueing as what I have been for these 5 years as life as a sex slave does not have the complications of free life and I have realised on many occassions that I don't miss those 'complications' as much as I thought I would.

So I wish everyone who reads this blog entry a happy new year and whatever life you have may it be positive in ways that you wish it to be.

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Posted on 09:31AM on Jan 6th, 2013
Ah, a ***** with a heart of gold. Well said Jenny. Thanks for the kind words from the dark passageways of Mumbai. May your life bring you as much joy and sexual pleasure as possible.
Posted on 09:44AM on Jan 6th, 2013
Here's thinking of you...and hope you get complete sexual satisfaction from your predicament.....

Martika xxxx
Posted on 12:37PM on Jan 19th, 2013
Thanks for the wishes to us your readers. Hope you manage to work your way out of the very tricky, and (definitely in summer) sticky situation that you find yourself in. At least it is winter now. I know some managers that are planning a visit to their outsourcing project in Mumbai. They could do with a good seeing to, and the extra money for your Madam might get you released earlier. Let me know if this could be of help.
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