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Some of my friends on EP have asked how can I allow this to happen to myself? and although being forced to be a prostitute is wrong for any woman to have to endure in real life it is happening all around the world whether it be in the western world such as my homeland of the UK and I have no doubt it is happening even there, it occurs very easily in the south east asia area and as with me it is a prevalent occurance here in the sub continent. It has happened for many centuries with women being exploited for sexual profit and just because we lived supposedly in the enlightened times of the 21st century where this sort of thing should be a thing of the past in reality whilst there are women then there will be people who will take advantage and put into sexual slavery vunurable women who cannot fight their owners in turning them into prostitutes.

Here in India if society here does not publicly acknowledge that women are sold as sex slaves it undeniably knows it happens and although the authorities do try to help and rescue such women as myself from brothels the scale of it is so big it does not make a iota of difference in the scheme of things. The people that run the slum sex trade here in Mumbai are organised and skilled at aquirering and using women as I found out personally after being sold into it by my ex-Indian boyfriend, even though I thought being a British woman and white skinned I would be 'rescued' quickly from the destitute alleyways that I had been dumped in....I was wrong, dead wrong in thinking this. My ethnicity meant nothing as I was just simply another female sold into the pool of sexual exploitation that is the sex trade and I soon disappeared among the hidden malestrom of prostitution here becoming just another of the hundreds of anonymous women used for sex by the male denziens of the slums that have been my home these past 5 or so years.

I did not ever envisage becoming a slave especially in another country but life has dealt me this hand and in choosing to survive instead of possibly dying at the hands of the people that I am owned by in some violent way I am at peace with the simple fact that I am a sex slave here and will be possibly for decades to come being sold to men on a daily go to satiosfy their sexual needs and desire for a few rupees. Yes I don't have my physical freedom as I am the property of a 62 year old Indian woman but I am free in mind and spirit, yes I am a prostitute who has her body cheaply sold day in and day out, I have very few rupees to my name but here in the slums that is neither right or wrong but a natural fact for all people living in this area and I am not ashamed in being very poor and destitute as having had a comfortable middle classed life in the past I have reconciled with what I have become now among these slums.

I am a sex slave, a woman who is exploited, a prostitute in a forign country but I am also Jenny who is not ashamed to have fallen into this life and have faith that with the support of my sisters here I move from day to day happy and at peace with the fact that I am what I am here.


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Posted on 11:19PM on Feb 16th, 2013
It doesn't have to be tht way...but perhaps you find peace in not having any responsibility in your former echelon. All I wish is that you RESPECT yourself and use protection for health sake. Getting beaten for protecting your life? I'd come and free you with an aid agency, just take some power back.
Posted on 11:05AM on Mar 22nd, 2013
Jenny, heart goes out to you, sister. I'm a willing sex slave and it's my 'kink' if you will, to live this degenerate life I lead - sex, alcohol, drugs....and rock and roll!

Keep smiling and keep at it, girl...

Love 'n spunky kisses,

April xx
Posted on 02:06PM on Mar 29th, 2013
I could imagine that could create a scandal between India and UK, its a question of selling your story and the way its done. If you get tired of present life style you can contact

If you need her other contact just ask .
Posted on 04:31PM on Jan 13th, 2014
You are and amazing woman Jenny. Be strong, be true to yourself.
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